A Celtic warrior from our area carried war equipment that did not change too much during the three centuries of independence.

The sword was a characteristic and the most important type of Celtic offensive weapon. It evolved from short swords with antennae. A typical double-edged sword was made of well forged and hardened iron. In the beginning, it was relatively short, only about 65 cm long, and in the 1st century BC it reached the length of up to 100 cm.

The spear, along with the sword, was the most common weapon of a Celtic warrior. It was made of wrought iron and was known for its quality. A warrior carried one to three spears.

The battle knife was a part of the offensive weapon of the Celtic warrior. It was an effective weapon for close combat, but also a multi-purpose tool for cutting and slicing. There were iron knives of smaller dimensions and large battle knives. Most of them were made in the length of 25-50 cm, and some specimens were up to 60 cm long.

The bow and arrow were individual cold weapons for fighting and hunting. The bow consisted of a curved part made of a flexible material, of a certain type of wood, horn or metal with a tendon tied at the ends. An arrow consisted of an arrowhead, a rod and a fletching.

The helmets belonged to warriors who occupied a prominent place in society and who, in addition to military, also possessed great economic power.

The shields were made mostly of wood with a metal boss (umbo) in the middle and sometimes with metal frames on the edge.

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