Celtic clothing was made of linen and wool, while leather and fur were used to make thick winter coats, shoes, bags and hats. The fabrics were made on a vertical and horizontal loom and dyed with natural pigments in orange, red, blue, black, yellow and grey. Also, there are indications that the Celts used the "plaid" motif. Details, such as ribbons, belts and borders, were woven on special looms constructed just for that purpose or made using the embroidery technique. Silk clothing was intended exclusively for Celts with a very high status in the society.

Women's garments consisted of peplos dresses, under which a tunic was worn. The characteristic of peplos dresses is the folded part of the material over the chest, and their shape was obtained by hanging fibulae (a type of brooch) on the shoulders. They were made of one piece of fabric, rectangular in shape, and the waist was accentuated by tying a belt, which could also be in the form of a decorative ribbon. The women also wore simple skirts, made of rectangular cloths, the shape of which was obtained by connecting the two ends of the rectangle. The shoes looked like moccasins and had straps, which were tied around the leg.

Men's garments consisted of trousers, longer tunics or dresses with wide sleeves and a cloak. The pants had tight legs with feet and loops at the waist, through which a belt was pulled. The woolen cloak had a plaid motif, with borders and fringes at the ends. It was tied in the middle with a fibula. The caps were conical in shape, mostly made of leather.                

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