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The Celtic Village is a thematic tourist complex located in the sports and recreation zone of Inđija, at the entrance to the city from the direction of Novi Sad. Inspired by the life of the Celts in this area 2300 years ago, the complex is fun and educational in nature and is primarily intended for children. Inside the complex surrounded by a high wooden fence, there are several types of Celtic dwellings, covered with reeds and made of wood and mud, representing authentic Celtic households and artisan workshops. The mini museum with interesting exhibits is housed in one of the Celtic houses. The exhibits are based on material remains of the Celtic tribe Skordisci in the Srem area.


Visitors to the Celtic Village are welcomed by costumed staff and expert guides who contribute to the overall experience with their stories. Visitors to the Celtic village can also actively participate in numerous workshops and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.


The idea of building a tourist complex in Inđija based on the Celtic theme was conceived in 2012, when an architectural concept was drafted. Archaeologists Dr Miodrag Sladić and Dr Stevan Đuričić were involved in the development of the Main Project as consultants to the architects. They gave expert guidelines regarding the authentic appearance of the buildings, the construction method, the materials that were used, as well as the purposes of certain types of buildings. Historians Sanja Jugović and Aleksandar Stevanović then elaborated on the themes of Celtic life in these areas, with an emphasis on details related to their clothing, jewellery, tools, weapons, money etc. The reports with the collected data served as the basis for designing the interior furnishings and amenities of the Celtic village.
After several phases of construction in the past years, with a large part completed in 2021, the works on the construction and furnishing of the Celtic Village were completed in June and the complex was officially opened on 1 July 2021. The project was implemented by the Tourist Organisation of the Municipality of Inđija, mostly with the financial resources of the Municipality of Inđija, with subsidies from the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and the Provincial Secretariat for Culture.

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