Druids and power of herbs

Druids were priests, doctors, prophets, counselors, teachers etc. They were at the very top of the social ladder of the Celts. They acquired knowledge orally for many years and were therefore highly valued. Their word was always respected. Once a year, the druids of all the Celtic tribes met in a secret place, near the sacred tree, and exchanged knowledge, experiences and skills that they passed on to the members of their tribe upon their return. They did not write down their knowledge for fear that it would be misused by their enemies.

Many plants had great importance in the religious rituals of the Celts. Their "magical" properties were well known to the Druids.

Ancient writers have left us information about some plants and their powers that the Celts believed they had.

For the Celts, mistletoe was the “all-heal” plant. They believed that mistletoe taken in a drink restored fertility and that it was an antidote to all poisons.

The Celts picked and wore selago plant as a kind of charm against all kinds of evil, while its smoke was a good medicine for eye diseases.

The Druids used a marsh-plant as protection against diseases of cattle.

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